Courses will not load properly

I am using chrome to load the courses and the simulation and IDE are continuously loading. Also the terminal wont connect and the notebook gives me an error and will not load. I have tried signing in in guest mode and clearing my cache but still it will not work. Is there a solution to this?

Hi @TeriSerugi,

I’m sorry about your experience.

Usually, this kind is solved by adjusting your network and/or browser configuration:

  • Are you blocking WebSocket connections - ws and wss- The IDE, Simulation, and terminals need these to work.
  • Are you using an ad block software? If so, you may have to temporarily disable this or whitelist * and *
  • Are third party cookies enabled?
  • Is JavaScript enabled?

About the error shown in the notebook window, can you share a screenshot? Also, please copy paste the messages you see in your browser console here - it might give us some hints.

For further hints, please also check the post below: