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when I first came across this platform, I remember several courses including ROS1 bridge tutorials, but they all seem to have disappeared. Are there still courses that cover ROS1 bridge? I understand the feedback from others in the forum, if you are only working with ROS2 projects this is not relevant. However for anyone working with or migrating an existing ROS1 project it is a pity that this content seems to be not available anywhere anymore. It was one of the points that originally attracted me to this platform. Are there courses I overlooked? Or is there another reason I am missing why ROS1 bridge has disappeared?

Hi Sophia,

You are correct. We have been upgrading our packages in order to remove the need to use the ros1_bridge as it is a temporal solution created by ROS 2 developers. We’ve found that it does a good job but it is quite unstable, especially with tf topics.

So we are removing this gradually in order to not confuse our students with unecessary extra work and things to remember they have to run.

We do have a couple of free live classes you can take a look at in Youtube:

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Sophia, after some discussion with the main courses engineer, we have decided to add an extra chapter about the usage of ROS1 bridge with modern distributions of ROS2 (as Rodrigo mentioned, ROS1 bridge does not come anymore with modern ROS2 distributions). You will have this chapter included next week.

Thank you for your suggestions. Do not hesitate to send us more suggestions or requirements in the future.

Thank you for the explanation, good to know about the instability. The video course was quite helpful and led me to some interesting further external material on the topic of creating my own message types. A separate course (chapter?) specifically on the use of ros1 bridge for migration and integration of old projects would be great. Everyone who starts with clean ROS2 does not have to go through it, but anyone who has to migrate can get this valuable information.

Thank you for taking this directly into discussion for changes to course content. I am looking forwards to discovering the new material!

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