Ctrl-C not working across courses

Hi, I am running code provided to me in your courses and I am repeatedly having an issue where ctrl-c is not shutting down the code. I will try the same code in another terminal, and that too will not allow me to shut down (I can see a series of ^C in the terminal but nothing happens). So far, I have had this issue in two courses: Basic Kinematics of Mobile Robots and OpenCV Basics for Robotics - Noetic. For the latter course, I was trying to run the first clip of code given to us in the ARTags section where we are to create ARTags.

This issue has only been happening over the last three days.

Hello @sschoepp ,

First of all, many thanks for your feedback. As for the ARtags section, I know you can normally close the program by going to the Graphical Tools (where you visualize the ARtags) and pressing the space bar (which will go over all the ARtags generated and at the end close the program). As for the other courses, I can tell we will review all of them in the following days in order to solve all these kinds of issues.

In the meantime, if you can’t stop your program with a regular Ctrl+C, you can try by using Ctrl+Z (which will actually put the program in the background). Another thing you can do is to look for your process in another shell using the command ps faux, then find the PID of your process and kill it with the command kill -9 PID (you can find more detailed instructions on how to do all this in the Linux Course, Unit 4).

Hope this helps,

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