Data Upload not working

I am trying to upload a db3 file under notebook_ws folder but everytime it goes through the upload phase and then I cannot see the file. I am able to upload other files like yaml but not the db3 file which is around 1.5 GB.

Everytime I upload the file, it goes through the full process of uploading status and completes it and when I check the folder for the file, I don’t see it.

Please upload your files in catkin_ws (for ros1) and ros2_ws (for ros2).

I tried to upload in catkin_ws for ROS but still the db3 file doesn’t get uploaded.

It’s possible the IDE does not want to show that kind of file, or it’s too big. After upload, try checking the file from the web shell. Assuming you uploaded in catkin_ws:

cd ~/catkin_ws
ls -al

I already had tried this and I still could not find my db3 file in the workspace. Please provide some immediate support to resolve this or this seems more to be of backend issue.

The file size is close to 1.5 GB. Can we not upload this big file?

We have not had any use case uploading a file this big via the IDE. It might not be able to handle it.

Could you try uploading the file somewhere and using wget to download it via a web shell?

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