Debug using IDE

is it possible using the IDE to find in which line the code crash?

Hello, not in this IDE. But debugging is more of a skill than a tool.

When your code crashes, it usually spews out some information, called “traceback”.

  • Sometimes the traceback mentions the file and the line it is having that problem. Then you go into the IDE to see why the error is happening there. You might put some print lines (where applicable) to help with debugging.
  • Sometimes you have to go by the error message and/or code and research why it could be happening.
  • Sometimes the error messages are not so helpful and you’ll need to go over the code yourself to figure things out.

In all cases, your understanding of what is happening in the code and how it is executed with other code is paramount.

I hope this helps. If possible, you can paste the error message here for some assistance.

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