Deep Learning for Robotics with Limo - Incorrect packages in the course

I have enrolled for a course “Deep Learning for Robotics with Limo”. However the git repo that is included in the course does not seem compatible with the course content. For example in the screenshot, there is no move_robot package. Moreover when I try to build the workspace, it gives me an error. I checked the cmake and I found that some of the packages in the git repo is ros1 packages while the course content is for ROS2. Could the instructors please check the content of this course again and make the necessary changes?

Checking it, please stand by


We have fixed unit1 and 2 .
We are still working on the units 3,4,5,6. Something happend and soem data of teh course was lost reverting to an incomplete version.
But we are working on it to fix it as soon as possible.

If you find any other issue please let us know

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Hi, sorry people for the keeping you waiting , but we just dpeloyed all teh fixes and upgrades for the DeepLearning with Limo course based on your firts report.

All has been tested and there shouldn’t be any issues.

SOme chapters have been changed quite a bit just so you are aware of that.

Hope now you find the course better to follow and to understand how DeepNeuralNetworsk work :wink:

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