Deleted `install`, and `build` directory in rosject `~/ros2_ws`

I was trying to do a clean build and removed the build and install directories in my rosject and no longer can compile the turtlebot3 package

Check that the following packages have been built:

  • turtlebot3_cartographer
  • turtlebot3_description
  • turtlebot3_navigation2
  • turtlebot3_teleop
  • turtlebot3_bringup
  • turtlebot3_example
    Starting >>> turtlebot3
    Failed <<< turtlebot3 [0.41s, exited with code 1]

If I try to compile my package I get an error about the turtlebot3 project. Sourcing the install/setup.bash also throws an error now.

What should I do?

source install/setup.bash
not found: “/home/user/ros2_ws/install/turtlebot3/share/turtlebot3/local_setup.bash”

Hi @glucas350 ,

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As far as I know, You will not require those turtlebot3_xxxxx packages.

I have completed the course and the project - so I am telling you from my experience!

In case you have any of those packages in your catkin_ws/src directory [ROS1] or ros2_ws/src directory [ROS2], you can safely delete those packages. You will never need them.


PS: In case you really want those files, you can download all your current project files from the IDE and then delete the rosject and get a new copy of the same rosject and upload your project files back into the new rosject. But, I really doubt if you would need this step.

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How do you delete the rosject? I don’t seem to have permission, or can’t find the delete link.

Hi @glucas350 ,

Deleting a rosject is very easy. But, as always, take backup of all files in the rosject before deleting it.

To delete a rosject:

  1. Go to your home page
  2. Go to “My Rosjects” from the left panel.
    You can go to “My Rosjects” page directly from this link: Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses
  3. Click on the rosject you want to delete. Do not click “RUN”. Just click on the rosject’s display image.
  4. It will open a popup window with the rosject’s description and notebook.
  5. On the bottom of that popup window, you will find a red colored “Trash Can” symbol.
  6. Click on the trash can symbol and follow the instructions to delete the rosject.

Take backup of your project files before deleting!