Dear Robotigniteacademy,
Why rosbridge_address works only in the shell of this course? but on my remote host with Ubuntu 16 and ROS kinetic in does not work

There is still no tag for this course DEVELOPING WEB INTERFACES FOR ROS !
Kind regards, Artem.

Hi Artem,
very good observation of yours!

The reason why you do not see the command in your own machine is because it is an alias. It is not a command that installs with some package but an alias that we created in the Robot Ignite Academy. The equivalent in your local computer would be to do the following steps:

  1. Get the IP of your computer with the command
    ifconfig(for Linux or Mac)
    ipconfig(for Windows)

You should get something like

  1. The final address that you have to provide for the connection to the webserver is:

Your comment is very good because it shows an error in the course. We should not include commands that are not available in a local system (or are not installable). We are going to modify that course to remove that custom made command and provide the universal solution.

Keep pushing your ROS+Web learning!

P.S. Also thanks for letting us know there is no channel in the forum for this course :wink: Creating it!


Dear Rtellez,
thank you for this fast and detailed answer.
I used web page and rosbridge_address output for connection to the virtual robot. It works fine.
Now I would like to design connection address myself:
(1) the output of ifconfig ens5 is
(2) according to your instruction, the wss address is wss://
I received an error: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://

Please help me understand what is going wrong.
Kind regards, Artem.
P.S. I would like to put more pictures to illustrate my steps, but there is a limitation for a number of pictures per post for new users.

Hello @artemmelnyk,

There are 2 possible issues there.

1 - You may not have a SSL certificate installed, though you must change the prefix from wss:// to ws://

2 - You must check the port of the rosbridge_server. Use ws://YOUR_IP:PORT instead of ws://YOUR_IP/rosbridge/

Please, let me know if you still need assistance on it


Try this,

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