diff_drive_controller makes robot move faster in RViz compared to Gazebo

My robot moves faster in RViz than in Gazebo. I’m using diff_drive_controller to make my robot move in Gazebo. I noticed that the robot rotates and moves faster in RViz. I checked it by placing a camera in my robot urdf and placing a blue cube in Gazebo in front of the robot. Then on rotating the robot, the RViz image output shows the blue cube when the robot is at a different z-orientation compared to its previous z-orientation wherein the blue cube was visible.

You can download my package from here and run the following command:

roslaunch rosbots_description gazebo_n_rviz_visualize.launch

Then you can place the blue cube in Gazebo by running this command:

rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model -file /home/hashim/catkin_ws/src/rosbots_description/urdf/object.urdf -urdf -x 1 -y 0 -z 1 -model my_object

Then publish velocity commands on the topic rosbots/mobile_base_controller/cmd_vel using this gui:

rosrun rqt_robot_steering rqt_robot_steering

I researched quite a lot on google but could not find an answer. Thanks!

Hi @kahilyhashim10,

Are you following any specific course on the Academy? If not, your question might receive better attention on the ROS Answers forum. In any case, you need to provide more details about the problem, maybe a short screencast.