Difference between #app and #vueApp?

Some of the sample code uses “el: #app” and others use “el: #vueApp”. I noticed this when trying to get the camera feed to work while keeping the joystick control (which I never got to work out, when the joystick was included, the mjpegcanvas package would have issues that I haven’t figured out yet).

Additionally, I noticed it would usually be “let vueApp = new vue…” or “var app = new vue…” and I was wondering how the choice of let or var affected things. I’m pretty sure “let” variables are scoped to their immediate section, while “var” variables have a wider scope, but I’m curious how that difference affects this particular case.

Hello @meclinto,

Actually, there is no difference in our application. As you mentioned, let and var have different scopes, but for our examples, both are going to work.

Have you checked our solutions section in order to make things work?

Please, let us know if there is something preventing you to follow the course.