Disappeared catkin workspace from Rosjects


I was working on my project at my uuv_evaluation_py3 Rosject a day before.

Today, when I want to continue, I notice that the catkin workspace is was removed the size of Rosject is decreased.

I have downloaded a copy of that before but could not find a way to upload it back to ROSDS.

Kindly let me know how I can recover the workspace or upload my backup file.

Hi @saeed_ms82,

I’ve been investigating our logs, and I couldn’t find the exact reason why this problem happened to you.

However, since the rosjects are “versioned” for a little time, I was able to revert your rosject, so now it contains the correct content (even though the size in the platform shows it smaller).

Please feel free to open your rosject again, and let us know in case you find any issues.

Keep pushing your ROS Learning.