Discount Coupon

Is there currently a discount coupon available to subscribe to the Robot Ignite Academy?

Hi @mohank,

We release discount coupons from time to time on our social media handles. Be sure to be on the lookout and grab one :slight_smile:

Hello @bayodesegun How much will the discount be? I would like to purchase a one-year subscription.
Thanks for info.

The yearly plan has about 80euro discount over the monthly plan, as can be seen on the subscription page. In addition to that, if you are able to lay your hands on discount coupon you might get a further 5-30% discount.

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Thank you very much for the information @bayodesegun. Will the subscribers get informed via email when the discount is available or how else can we get one?

We rarely inform anyone via email for general coupons - we use our social media handles for this. We inform people by email if we are giving them special discounts for any reason.

Hello @bayodesegun! Can I apply this coupon for the next one-year subscription renew, when I am subscribed to one at present? I am asking this, because I would like to purchase now a one-year subscription and when the present subscription ends I would like to apply the coupon to get a discount for the next subscription after the year ends. I believe this should be offered from theconstruct as a bonus to keep people continuing to subscribe.

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We will definitely let our clients know if we are offering year-end promos.

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