Docker Basics. Last section very long


this is more a statement than an issue. If you are like me not having always time to sit for hours in front of the course. It could happen that you loose all the images when you log off !

The last section takes two hours and it could happen for sure.

To ease life I have created that little script

start=$(date +%M%s)
docker pull osrf/ros:noetic-desktop-full
docker pull osrf/ros:humble-desktop

docker build -f dockerfile_nvidia_ros -t nvidia_ros .
docker build -f dockerfile_nvidia_ros2 -t nvidia_ros2 .

docker build -f dockerfile_tb3 -t turtlebot3_base .
docker build -f dockerfile_tb3_overlay -t turtlebot3_overlay .
end=$(date +%M%s)
echo "Done Elapsed Time: $(($end-$start)) seconds"

but be aware it can take up to 40 minutes to recreate all images so not sure if that helps

At the construct
It would be great if docker containers could persist as of the above


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hI @db_vk,

Thank you very much for pointing this out.

I’ll talk to Alberto to see how we can reduce that Unit to make things easier, because I’m sure many people cannot have the Unit completed in a single shot, forcing them to recreate the images.

The good thing about this is that we are sure that at least students learn how to create a Docker Image :smiley:

Ok, jokes apart, I’ll talk to Alberto.

Once again, thanks for letting us know.

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