Docker with ROS2 planned?


Docker Basics is a new 12 hour course and I don’t want to throw so much time anymore on ROS 1.

Is there a known problem with ROS 2 in docker ?
Anyone knows if there is soon a ROS 2 version planned of the Docker course ?


Hi @db_vk,

As far as I remember, most ros-related instructions on the Docker course are for ros2, except for the last Unit.

Docker is not specific to any specific ROS Distro. The same concepts you learn about ROS1 apply for ROS2. It is not a course about ROS, but how to use Docker for your ROS projects, be them ROS1 or ROS2.

Let me tag @albertoezquerro here to see if he has any plannings on removing references to ROS1 in the last Unit.

Volker, we are preparing new units with specific ROS2 applications in docker, like simulations, drivers or whole systems (like Nav2) launched in docker and controlling the host robot.
Should be ready by April.

Just notice that the Docker course has been moved to Enterprise license, so it is not available anymore as a University course.

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