Doubts in First Project of ROS Basics in 5 days

In ROS Basics in 5 days, the explained project in the course for publishers and subscribers is different from the one shown in ROSjet. Mainly for the program code/ logic of robot movement and values. Is it fine or I am doing something wrong?

Hi @Vigneshbalaji ,
In the course work, most of the things are already done for you, whereas in ROSjet, you willl have to do everything, Because of this there will be some differences. So i dont think you did anything wrong.

In anycase, why dont you send a screenshot or share the code of what you think is different between the two so that i can have a better understanding of the problem and we can discuss furthur from there.

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HI @brianlmerrittcons , since you mentioned the above, i dont think you are going by the correct curriculum path. There is a section called Learning path that shows which courses to take first. If you don’t go according to the learning path, you will end up having gaps in your knowledge.

Let me know if you were able to find the correct learning path.

Also note that the ROSjects are your assignments and not the actual course materials.

Hi @brianlmerrittcons , are you doing the ROS2 courses before the ROS1 course?

You are supposed to be taking the approach as shown below so that you know the basics.

Once you have completed the above, move onto to ROS2

I think i misunderstood what you were trying to say. Alright, let me forward this to @staff, they are more knowledgable in this.

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@Vigneshbalaji This is fine. The tasks are different but use the same concepts.

Thanks @brianlmerrittcons @Joseph1001 for this interesting interaction! I think we need to clear up some things here:

  1. We will remove the incorrect reference to catkin.
  2. We will see how we can provide a better guidance to new users regarding where they should start - ROS1 or ROS2. This depends on the user’s need. If there’s no compelling reason to learn ROS1, the user can dive straight into ROS2, starting the the ROS2 Basics course, selecting either the Python or the C++ version.

Thanks again for bringing these up.

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Thanks @bayodesegun for looking into this. Can we keep ROS2 after completion of ROS Basics, ROS Navigation and ROS Manipulation? Can you also include ROS2 in the learning path section?

I just realised this was ros basics not ros2 basics, so sorry for adding to confusion. I have deleted non relevant replies

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Please refer to the post below.