Download YOLO Unit 1

When I run:
roscd my_tf_course_pkg
mkdir yolo_weights
touch coco.names
wget -O ./yolo_weights/yolov3.weights
num_classes = $ (wc -l <coco.names)
echo $ num_classes
python scripts /
–num_classes $ num_classes
–weights ./yolo_weights/yolov3.weights \

It doesn’t appear:
I0203 14: 39: 32.662070 140712213104384] sanity check passed
I0203 14: 39: 33.209380 140712213104384] weights saved


Remember that you have to activate the python3 environment in order to mak ethis work:

This is recommended each time that you start a new webshell ( compiling is not necessary if done previously)

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/my_catkin_ws_python3
source ~/.py3venv/bin/activate
source /home/user/.catkin_ws_python3/devel/setup.bash
catkin_make -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE:FILEPATH=/home/user/.py3venv/bin/python
source devel/setup.bash
rospack profile

If you do this it works as far as I tested following the notebooks instructions.

Download the YOLO Model trained with the COCO dataset

To run after entering the 3 lines below??
Can’t close and run the shell?? (ctrl + z)/exit(sys)

python scripts/
–num_classes $num_classes
–weights ./yolo_weights/yolov3.weights \