Draw Circle using Twist message and question about setpoint_raw

I have a several question about ROS and Drone. I will be very happy if you help me. I want to draw circle with drone. I tried to send Twist message with linear.x = some speed and angular.z = some speed. For me it supposed to draw circle. But drone just spins on its own axis and goes to linear x on gazebo. What do i do wrong?

Also i use Navio2 apm stack. Can i use setpoint_raw mavros topic to send message? In the http://wiki.ros.org/mavros#mavros.2FPlugins.imu_pub it writes (px4) but im not sure if i am be able to send to apm stack. Or is this message is only for PX4

Hi @iamberkeyavas,

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I found this https://github.com/cbsudux/turtlesim_cleaner that uses Twist messages to move a Turtlebot in a circle.

The move_circle_server.py will be of great help.

Please let us know should you have further questions.