Dual Boot (Windows 10 and Ubuntu)

Hello, currently I am planning to use Dual boot since my current PC is running on Windows 10. Any advice or suggestions? or any warning?? I am afraid the occurrence of dual boot (windows and ubuntu) will affect my operating system in a long period.

It is extremely simple, I use the same (ubuntu and win10). Simply put the ubuntu install usb into your pc, boot and select the option to install alongside windows. There is many guides online too. Just follow them.

Now i tried using virtualbox machine, hopefully it will go smoothly. I didnt choose dual boot in the first place cuz my ffriend who has the same laptop as me got a problem when he boot windows or boot linux.

on some laptops you can have issues with the screenbrightnes adjustment not working, but dual boot should not be an issue usually

Hey @sp_jason,

You can spare yourself the pains of dual booting (I suppose because you want to run Linux) or even virtualization by using the ROS Development Studio. For that you only need a web browser, and I’m sure you have one :wink:.