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How to access the enterprise course?

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You will not be able to access Enterprise courses with the Regular Monthly Subscription (which is priced at EUR 39.97 per month). You will require the Enterprise Subscription to access those courses. This subscription costs more (I cannot remember how much) and I believe it is not available as monthly packages.

But from my observations, if you are a single/individual student, you can subscribe for the regular course option.
The only difference is that - Enterprise courses often come with all the chapters included in a single course, whereas, as in a regular subscription - you have the option of choosing your courses and the order in which you want to study them.
In simple words, Enterprise is like a “all-chapters-in-one-course” package/bundle, but Regular is “choose-what-you-want”.

I hope that I helped you with my answer. You can still get more info from The Construct Team, if you find my response is incomplete or if you need more info.


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