Error during compilation of exercise 3.1 using service with robot hand


I have followed the instructions of the exercise 3.1 and create service_client_package but is not working. It says that can’t find the file TrajByName.h but the dependency to the file exist in CMakeLists find package and in the package.xml and also the file exist in the package devel folder.

Which can be the problem?

Hi @manuelrinaldi86,

I’m sorry to hear that you are facing this problem.

Quick questions:

  • Is this error stopping you from compiling the packing and sourcing devel/setup.bash?
  • Is this error stopping you from running the program successfully?

Please share some screen shots showing the exact problem you are having so we can know how to come in.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

By the way, welcome to the Community!

Yes I can go forward and complete the course is not a blocker.
All what I have done was copy the code from notebook and paste it into visual studio code. I added in cmake the commands to compile the class. But when I am going to run catkin_make I got a c++ error that the header is not found. In the package.xml the trajectory_by_name_srv exist and also in the CMakeLists it exist in the find_package.

Are you trying to run on your local PC?