Error in drive foward unit test

# 1 drive_forward_test.test (GoFowardState > failed)
>>> unable to import state GoFowardState (turtlebot_flexbe_states.go_forward_state):
** No module named go_forward_state**

Since the file py is called drive_forward (and not go_forward_state ) ,
I replaced go_forward_state with drive_forward

It did start the node but the result of the test looks wrong

# 1 drive_forward_test.test (GoFowardState > failed)
** + state imported**
** + state instantiated**
[INFO] [1582077940.776712, 861.753000]: Drive FWD READY!
[INFO] [1582077940.825151, 861.803000]: Drive FWD STARTED!
[INFO] [1582077940.886192, 861.859000]: FWD obstacle distance is: 2.51363110542

[INFO] [1582077943.630215, 864.307000]: FWD obstacle distance is: 1.59889698029
[INFO] [1582077943.679940, 864.363000]: Drive FWD ENDED!
[INFO] [1582077943.744753, 864.413000]: Drive FWD STOPPED!
** - wrong outcome: done**
>>> drive_forward_test.test failed!

Testing completed, 0 of 1 tests successful.

 the required travel distance of the test 1m 
 When we reset the simulation, the robot is at 2,51 m
 The test expected outcome should be Done since the robot stops before the obstacle_dist: 1.5

Unless a miss something ?

Could you post the State code, to have a closer look on what might have happened?

1) Here is the code proposed in the lesson that gives the error above

path: turtlebot_flexbe_states.go_forward_state
class: GoFowardState

But the name of the state file is

So the working test code is
path: turtlebot_flexbe_states.drive_forward_state
class: GoFowardState

A simple correction to do in the notebook

  1. for the second point, i have made an error the required distance is 2m ( not 1m said in my previois post so the expected failed result is correct