Error in turn_test init test

In the code provided, we are still testing the GoFowardState??

I think the the code should be ( at least with this code we are testing the good class)

path: turtlebot_flexbe_states.turn_state
class: TurnState

launch: spin_action_server/launch/spin_server.launch

turn_angle: 90
t_speed: 0.4

outcome: done

This code is testing successfully the robot rotation

Is there an easy way to make an “integration tests” running one state test after another ?

As far as I understood your question, you just have to connect one state to another with input and output keys, and when one fails goes diectly to fail, or transmit the ail or not and continue executing all the states and then state all the failed tests.

Point 1 : In the exercice 3.2
turn_test.test is not testing the turnstate but still testing the goforward state for a shorter travel distance then the go forward test

path: turtlebot_flexbe_states.go_forward_state
class: GoFowardState

launch: spin_action_server/launch/spin_server.launch

speed: 0.4
travel_dist: 1
obstacle_dist: 1.5

outcome: done

Thats why i think tha the Test should be as discribed in my previous post

Point 2: Like we can do batches of test in the Unit Testing with ROS course is thare a way to dot batches of flexbe tests?

The command
roslaunch flexbe_testing flexbe_testing.launch testcases:=’$(find turtlebot_flexbe_states)/tests/drive_forward_test.test’

gives me the feeling that it is feasible.