Error when creating a new message or a new service message

I’m begginer in coding ROS and I’m taking the " ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python) Noetic" course.
In the courses 4 and 6, I don’t understand how to use a message or a service message that I just created.
I’ve followed the correction and when I launch the file which use the mesasge, I get this error :

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘my_custom_srv_msg_pkg’

So I 've launched next command to see if it has been correctly created, and it does :

user:~$ rossrv list | grep MyCustomServiceMessage

Have you any idea about my problem ?


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Remember that acter compiling you have to source. This allows the ROS system to find those packages:

cd /home/user/catkin_ws
source devel/setup.bash
rospack profile
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I have the same error, did you solve it?


you have just to uncomment the function in the “CMckList.txt”. You must to delete the asterisks, leaving three spaces at the leaft.
Than use:

  • catkin_make
  • source devel/setup.bash (use this in all terminal commander)