Error when opening the graphical interface

I am new to the interface of robotigniteacademy. But have been working with ROS, RVIZ and GAZEBO on my home laptop a bit. I tried use RVIZ with interactive markers ( Unit 0) and it simply fails to open the needed RVIZ environment. It starts to open it but then it looses connection and opens the environment one gets when the graphical interface is opened without any commands. When I go back to the terminal I can see that it reloaded and the previous command was the source command instead of the roslaunch i used. I tried it with various browsers but the problem still exists. What can I do?

Thank you for your help!

![Screenshot from 2020-11-27 09-49-10|564x500](upload://b1Hg8MEx2p8sjUQlIDkL05QKIKI.png) 

It seems to be fixed now, did you launch this command? :

roslaunch sumit_xl_tools start_teleop_with_interactivemarkers.launch