Error while training

I followed the steps in Unit 8: Training a Fetch Robot. Part 2

Training starts fine but after 5 minutes of training, the below exceptions are triggered.
The training crashes at this point.

ng with 1 states already in datastructure
[ERROR] [1588787592.203384283, 294.761000000]: RRTConnect: Unable to sample any valid states for goal tree
[ INFO] [1588787592.203825440, 294.761000000]: RRTConnect: Created 1 states (1 start + 0 goal)

[ INFO] [1588787646.459962360, 306.927000000]: ABORTED: No motion plan found. No execution attempted.
[ WARN] [1588787660.751504185, 310.267000000]: Fail: ABORTED: No motion plan found. No execution attempted.

Any suggestions to rectify this?



You could try the following things:

  1. This could be becuase the moveit system fails to find a trajectory to the place where its moving. Then just make an exeception catch in the code to retry or change the point to the next one.

  2. Check also if the code is just finishing by itself, becuase of the iterations.

  3. Also monitor the system with htop. Just in case due to the training the system MEMORY overflows and some system was shutdown.