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can some explain me. what are the rules for exam.
The exam notebook was saying somewhere it can be submitted once and somewhere time limit is 4 hours and below that time limit was 2 hours. while submitting it`s saying it can be submitted with no limits. The path is ROS for Basics.
I also dont get feedbacks on quiz about what went wrong. everything seems to work fine for me.

Hi @igiri ,
So from my experience, there is no time limit for the exams and you can submit your solutions as many times as you want as long as you don’t view the solutions after you submit.

here is a moderator’s reply about the same: time limit for exams and number of attempts

The feedback at the end of the exams is still a feature request and you can go and vote for it here: feedback after exams

Have a great day :innocent: .!

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I can’t get the exam mark. When I click on the “correct” button, it displays a message and loops forever

From my experience, depending on the number of tasks a particular exam has, it does take a few minutes for the exam score to be calculated, your also not supposed to close the window when the correction is going on.

If your exam has any component where the gazebo simulation window is used, you can see your robot moving or getting tested in the gazebo window while your exam is getting corrected.

Happy learning …!! :innocent: