Exam python task 3 failing

I have correctly coded the main function in python task3 but it has been failing, again and again, when the solver is correcting it can anyone see why this is occurring?


Hi @pranav0506,

I’ve been checking this issue and it seems to be from our side.

We are working on it and I’ll get back to you once it’s solved.


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Hi @pranav0506,

What reason did the solver give for failing the task? Can you share a screenshot with us?

It just says the main function didn’t work correctly. The problem seems to be since the turtlebot couldn’t move straight the right laser distance is not inf near the exit of the room. So the robot has to move further from the exit to get an inf reading so the program just says did not work correctly.

I think you should start by fixing the problems (which more than one as far as I can see) one by one. For example:

  • Small square not performed correctly: can you check and correct this? Was this done when you ran the code manually?

inf means the laser isn’t sensing any obstacle, either because the obstacle is there but is beyond its sensing range or there’s an actual open space in front of it. My advice is that you take an inf to mean no obstacle.

Make sure you test your package manually before submitting the exam. And before submitting, kill all running programs in the shells and reset the robot to its default position.

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