Example 1.8, rosnode list

In example 1.8. after modifying simple.cpp, I still dont see rosnode ObiWan in the rosnode List
Please advice

Have you launched to node? You can only see it if it is running!

yes i launched the node

Hi @ogunsola.olubukola,

did you manage to see the node?

If not, could you paste here the commands you executed and the output you got?

By having the exact error messages we may be able to better diagnose the error.

Sorry i didnt get notification of your comment, i finally saw it. thanks

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I have the same issue: this is what displays after i type rosnode info /ObiWan
cannot contact [/ObiWan]: unknown node

Actually, I retyped the command: catkin_make and then roslaunch my_package my_package_launch_file.launch again.
Now it works, was it because the package wasn’t built properly the first time?

Hi @aw3645,

The error you had suggested that the program was not running (launched) previously. That node is only available while the program is running.

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