**Example 3.3**

In this example, where do I find the trajectory_by_name_srv/TrajByName.h e how the launch file must be please.

Hi leleo!!

I guess it should be exercise 3.1, but I am posting based on the name trajectory_by_name_srv/TrajByName.h
we include this in our cpp file and you can see the structure of the message using following command on the shell:
rosservice info /trajectory_by_name

I used the following as the lauch file for my package service_client_pkg and my cpp file simple_service_client:

<launch> <include file="$(find trajectory_by_name)/launch/start_service.launch" /> <node pkg="service_client_pkg" type="simple_service_client" name="service_client" output="screen"> </node> </launch>
hope it helps!!

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