Example 6.8 Invoking "cmake" failed error

I was going about completing the example 6.8 by making my_custom_srv_msg_pkg and performed all the steps as directed and ended up with a ModuleNotFound error and then I deleted the build directory thinking that I’ll get it back using the catkin_make command. However, upon implementation of that command I got “Invoking “cmake” failed” error. I also deleted the packages of the example thinking that maybe it might help resolve the issue yet the problem is persistent. Please help.

Hi @Riten_Shah ,

The error is quite self-explanatory!
It says message file not found and it refers to the add_message_files routine.

  1. Either you did not make the custom message
  2. You did not compile the package after making the custom message file.

So, retrace your notes on how to make the custom message working and you can get this working.


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