Exercise 3.3, Localization of the robot


I have a problem with localization of the robot in the exercise 3.3.

First of all, I mapped out the given environment by moving the robot and the map was successfully saved.

But when i tried to do localization of the robot by moving it in the rviz, I get this error below.

In the rviz, I also have an error on the Message under Map displays(Map/Status/Message). The error says as “No map received.”

I am trying to do autonomous navigation at the end and I am stuck on the localization part. How can I fix this error?

Thank you.

Hello @Frozen ,

Are you subscribing to the proper topics? From the warning message you show in the image, it looks like you are using the wrong topics. The correct remapping for the topics is the following:

<remap from="scan"            to="/kobuki/laser/scan"/>
<remap from="rgb/image"       to="/camera/rgb/image_raw"/>
<remap from="depth/image"     to="/camera/depth/image_raw"/>
<remap from="rgb/camera_info" to="/camera/rgb/camera_info"/>