Exercise 4.9 use

Hi, I’m hoping this is just a quick question, this exercise asks us to: ‘Change the use_dijkstra parameter to false, and repeat Exercise 4.8. Check if something changes now.’

I couldn’t find this parameter so I tried adding the line into the move_base_params.yaml file and then added the following line into the launch file:

I didn’t seem to notice anything different, it also wouldn’t let me set the goal in a obstacle, if this is the aim? I was just wondering what the desired outcome is supposed to be and where I am supposed to find/alter this parameter?



Hello @laura.firth,

Just ignore this exercise for now since it’s part of an old version of the notebook. This exercise and more related to the same topic (motion planning algorithms) will be covered in a course that we are preparing right now. However, if you are curious, you can check this link here and see what this parameter does: http://wiki.ros.org/global_planner


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