[Exercise 9.11] Action server doesn't work

The code in the notebook for fibonacci_action_server.py was copied and type rosrun my_examples_pkg fibonacci_action_server.py, enter, and then nothing happened. No warning, no error message, just no response on the terminal. So what happened? I tried to delete fibonacci_action_server.py and input again, also delete devel and build folders and run catkin_make again, and source devel/setup.bash, but the condition remains the same.


You’ve run the action server file, it just starts the server. In order to get results or feedback, you have to call that action (using the command line or by action client file).

here is an example for an action client: action client link

Thanks for the reply. I expect some log message will come out after the execution of the script. And then I found the corresponding topics show up after action server is activated.

There will be no log messages unless the script has logging statements. And, yes, you should have the related topics created for the action.

What do you have?