Exercise 9.4.......Help please

Respected all,
This above is the exercise 9.4…I’m getting few issues here

This second pic shows what I got on my PC. As you see the output I’m getting is not even close to what the exercise is expecting. What happened is:

  1. I added the Camera, and it’s showing just a grid kind of thing(which can be seen in this 2nd pic above) with something really small in the middle. These small points at middle make small movements. I waited for it, thinking something might be loading, but nothing changed. Is it what it should look like ? If yes, then what’s the benefit of it because I can’t get any information from it.
  2. The LaserScan isn’t doing anything at all. I tried changing it’s different values like Size(m) Alpha and Decay Time but still I couldn’t see any change.
  3. Similarly I didn’t see anything happening as I added PointCloud. I played with it too but couldn’t see anything.

Your kind attention is appreciated. Thank you
Abdul Basit Dost

It looks like there might be some issues with the simulation in your session. Try reloading the page to see if it shows the images and scan. By the way, you have to specify the topic of the LaserScan and the PointCloud. If you click on the arrow on the left of those items, you’ll see a dropdown menu appear, and you can specify the topic under the topic section: