Explorer can not display newly created catkin pkg

After using “catkin_create_pkg unit_3_service rospy iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory”, the newly created package is not shown on the explorer.

Okay, it is solved. It is only allowed to create new package under the directory catkin_ws/src


That is right. Remember that any ROS package has to be created inside the catkin_ws/src. This is mandatory in ROS

Well glad that you had figured it out @yutang.liu2018. The convention I usually take when creating a package is a series of commands that I have typed out and saved for my ease which are as follows:

  1. cd src/
  2. catkin_create_pkg <package_name>
  3. cd …
  4. catkin_make or catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps <package_name>
    5)source devel/setup.bash (the last step isn’t necessary)

This obviously is in accordance with what @rtellez just mentioned above.

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