Files Missing from IDE [Urgent! Exam in less than 2 hours]

I was loading into the course and my files disappeared. I also noticed that when running roscd it gave me a different file location:

user:~$ roscd

instead of the usual ~/catkin_ws/devel$

Is there a quick fix? I have exam in less than 2 hours.

Please indicate full data!! We cannot not infer what what is the problem with so little data.
Which course, provide full screen capture, which unit, which browser, previous commands launched, I don’t know… everything that may be useful for answering your question.

We cannot help you if you do not take the time to write a proper question.

About your problem, here a quick answer just to see if it heps:

  • Do a source of your catkin workspace and see if that works. For that, type the following command:
    source /home/user/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Since now is weekend, do not expect fast response to your answers (our Forum customer support times are from Monday to Friday).

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