Finding package name for a service?

I have an exercise that asks me to create a launch file for a certain service. Now for writing the code I need to know the package that has that service for this line of the program:

<include file="$(find iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory)/launch/start_service.launch"/

When I try to look up rosservice info /service_name, I get unknown service. An example showed how I need to launch a file for that service to exist to get more information. How do I know what other launch file that makes the service exists?

Hi @mamojiz97, welcome to the community!

I think the package you are looking for is iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory. You have to launch your file and then look for the service it offers with rosservice list.

Thank you @roalgoal
Well that exactly is my question. How would I know what launch file I should be running for the service to appear?

Also like you said the package I am looking for is iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory. How did you know? I mean unless I know the info on a service, I am unable to know what package has that service, but for the service to appear I don’t know what launch file I should be running.

Well in this case can you mention the exact exercise you’re doing? Then we can provide some clarifications.

Its Exercise 5.1 in Unit 5- Services Clients

Well, you wouldn’t in this case, since it’s just a first example with a pre-made package. In the future, you will create/clone packages and that is where the services will come from.

If you navigate to the package with roscd iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory and then explore that package, you will see that it contains the service code

Thank You.
I think I am at a section where I understand where the services are made available.

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