First activity - ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python)


I’m taking the ROS basic course in Python, and I’m trying to complete the first practice activity on the topic of publishers and subscribers. However, when I access My Rosjects area on The Construct, I don’t see the specific instructions for the activity, the simulated environment for the first project, or any option to submit the activity for evaluation. What should I do?

Hi Joao I think there is a little confusion here.

  • Please can you clarify what practice activiy are you talking about? Can you put a screenshot here?
  • Also, can you provide a full screenshot of the My Rosjects area that you indicated no specific instructions?

Please provide FULL SCREEN screenshots, not just a small part of the screen, because the whole screen contains information that help us identify what your problem is

The first activity of that course is in unit 4, you have to go to the bottom of the unit and there is an instruction that says “to copy the rosject click here”, if you click there it redirects to this rosject link to clone it: it pops up a clone of the rosject and after clicking the red button that says “execute” (or something similar, I have my platform in spanish) it opens the code editor, gazebo simulation and the jupyter notebook that have the instructions. You don’t have to submit the project until you are at the end of the course as far as I know.
Is this what you were asking?

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