Gazebo simulation of a parafoil with payload


I saw tutorials about the ROS lift / drag package, I would to implement in Gazebo (then ROS) a parafoil with a payload which would be controllable via two brakes like the image below.

Do you know if anyone has ever done this? Do you have any ideas regarding the packages required to make this model? The goal is to use Gazebo’s physical motor to develop a controller under ROS.

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Greate project, I have certain suggestions that might lead you:

  1. In Gazebo 7-9 the physiscs is limited. There is work on drag and lift. Ourselves we did some videos about it, but there is not much done:
    Air-Drag Gzebo
    Aerodynamics Gazebo

  2. The new Gazebo called Ignition Simulator has some new features like AIR drag built in, We will issue a video in the close future giving an introduction of it. It has a world that its called lift_drag.sdf which might help you to start.

I recommend you to create a ROSJect in ROsdevelopement studio and post it here so we can lend you a hand more easily and you can share your simulation faster.

Hope this helps ;).