Gradebot not working properly

I consider that Gradebot is not working properly in ROS Basics in 5 days (C==), Section 3

I obtain the following error despite it does not crash with the sphere and after that it is all the time avoiding walls.
:heavy_multiplication_x: [18:07:11] [assess] Robot did not avoid the obstacle correctly. Heck, that’s not safe!

  • Is your logic reacting properly to the laser message?
  • Check in the instructions the expected behavior of the robot
  • Your robot should reach the final destination within 30 seconds of launching your package.
  • Is your robot colliding with the sphere? Damages are imminent. (mark: 8.0)

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Even if your robot did not crash into the sphere or the walls, is it performing the entire task in under 30 seconds as described in the GradeBot report?

Try running your program and check your robot speeds (linear and angular) and make sure you have used a reasonable speed for the robot to complete the expected task in under 30 seconds or less.

If you have not exhausted your attempts, try to check all the GradeBot requirements by running your program without GradeBot. Then once you are sure that your program is meeting the GradeBot requirements, submit it for evaluation.


Which is the entire task once it has avoided the sphere? I mean, the statement only indicates to avoid the sphere. And, of course, that’s is done before 30 seconds for sure.

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