Hardware interface writing tutorial?


I was studying ROS control and writing a custom controller. Do you have a tutorial on writing a cpp file with the hardware interface? In the tutorial,

bool init(hardware_interface::EffortJointInterface *hw, ros::NodeHandle &n){
joint_ - hw -> getHandle(my_joint)
comamnd_ = joint_.getPosition()

private hardware_interface::JointHandle joint_

The JointHandle would be a cpp file?
Is there a tutorial on making the JointHandle.cpp on a real hardware say for an example a servo motor?


Well there are loads of courses talking about Control in RobotIgniteAccademy.
Here is the search results for all the material that talks about control:
Control Material

I would recommend the basic control courses: ros-control-101
And the Live classes on that matter: ** ROS Control - How to create your own** ( there are several parts )

Hope it helps :wink: