HAT driver for motor control - Unit 5 - Creating the motor drivers

In Chapter 4: Creating the motor drivers, you have used hat driver to control motors. Could you please elaborate which HAT driver did you use? Did you use DFR0592 https://www.waveshare.com/motor-driver-hat.htm or did you custom built like https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/diy-raspberry-pi-motor-driver-hat.

Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Its the : Waveshare Servo Driver Hat for Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano 16-Channel 2-bit I2C Interface PCA9685 Driver Supports Servo

Here is the amazon link: https://www.amazon.es/Waveshare-Raspberry-16-Channel-Interface-Supports/dp/B07H6G87S5

Are you sure? The driver you are sharing is for Servo motors but motors used in the course are DC motors. Please confirm. Thanks.


Correct, my fault. It seems that they have recently changed the DC motor hat to this one:


Sorry for the confussion