Help clearing my workspace

I feel like the files/packages I have created (some of them) have been creating problems(like when i try to do catkin_make, i can see that it compiles some other package, i get import errors in the exercise of the custom message, even though i checked and rechecked to make sure). And some packages, even when I delete them, keep reappearing when I come back to the website. Can you help me out in clearing out the workspace, so I can begin fresh? Thank you.


You can clear out your workspace by doing the following:

  1. Back up the files you need. You can download the top-level src folder by right-clicking on it and choosing download.
  2. Run the following commands:
# from the catkin_ws directory
rm -rf build/ devel/ src/
mkdir -p src/

If you run into any other problems, please let us know.

Thank you. It worked.

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