How can I learn how to solve the exercices?

I’m a beginner in ROS, in some point of this course you give me a exercise but i have no idea how I solve it! The exercise ask me to create a python cod that read the map and print it on screen but I have no Idea about how to subscribe in a topic, what python libs i have to use, I’m totally lost! I was expecting to have the solution to see and read the code and try to implement it by myself! How can i get it?

Hi @IagoHenrique,

Sorry about the confusion! This course assumes you are already familiar with ROS basics along with some knowledge of programming and Linux.

For ROS beginners like you, we created the ROS For Beginners path, which takes you through the basics of Linux and Python (if needed) and then ROS basics. Please check it out!

By the way, welcome to the Community!

Hi Iago,
I’m sorry you feel frustrated by not knowing how to start.

It looks like you are a beginner of ROS, hence you cannot start with the Navigation course. If you don’t know how to subscribe to a topic, you need to go to the beginner’s course (ROS Basics in 5 days). There you are going to learn those basics: how to subscribe, which libraries to use, how to create a package…

You cannot go straight to the advanced subjects without knowing the basics.

Apart from that, we do provide the solutions to all the exercises after the exercise itself. Please check for the solutions link that will lead you to another tab with the solution. Let me know if the link is not available to you (links are not available to students who got their license from the University, because teachers don’t want the students get the answer but to try by themselves and then discuss on the class). So since you are not a student who got the license from University, you should be able to see the link.

However, checking the solution code will not help you, since the code itself is just half of the solution.

Please go to the ROS Basics in 5 days (Python) course and start there. You will see later that everything is clearer.

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Thanks everyone! I Find out where the solution is and it works in my computer with some hard work to learn and try to replicate the course structure in my computer! Now It’s working well! Thanks!


So happy you found it and replicated it!

Keep pushing your ROS learning!