How do I access the turtlebot_navigation_gazebo package (Ex. 2.11)

  • Exercise 2.11 -

a) In the turtlebot_navigation_gazebo package, search for the launch file named gmapping_demo.launch. You will see that what this file actually does is to call another launch file named gmapping.launch.xml, which is in the turtlebot_navigation package.

How do I access and search for this package. I only have access catkin_ws and this package is not inside. is there another workspace or some commands i can use to see what is inside the turtlebot_navigation_gazebo package.

How do I also copy the contents of gmapping.launc.xml since I do not have access to it at the moment

You can access this package with

roscd turtlebot_navigation_gazebo
cd launch
# then copy the launch file to your workspace with the `cp` command

Please note that this course assumes you already have a knowledge of

  • ROS Basics (which teaches the roscd command) and
  • Linux Basics (which teaches commonly-used commands such as cp).

I suggest you go through these so you can understand this course better.