How do I launch everything locally?

Say I want to launch the parrot drone on Ubuntu 18.04 installed with ROS Melodic + Gazebo 9.

I am currently initializing my workspace using the follow script:

mkdir -p drone_ws/src
cd drone_ws/src
git clone
rosdep install --from-paths . -i
cd ..

This leads to several build errors. What am I missing?

Hi @linsu.han,

Installing ROS and setting up simulations is typically a tedious and time-consuming process. This is the reason we built the Academy and ROSDS so that people can skip this pain. For this reason, and because we don’t have the resources, we are not providing specific support for local installations at this time.

That said, you will find some hints for local installation in the ROS Basics course. In addition, you will find further hints on this site if you perform a search with the keyword “install ROS”. But, again, we don’t recommend that you attempt this, especially if you are new to ROS.