How does ROS talk to RVIZ

I just wanted to know how ROS talks to RVIZ? I mean how do those to communicate?


Hi @wallee394,

Keeping it simple, they communicate via ROS topics, and Rviz itself is a full-fledged ROS package. Think communication in ROS, think topics :wink:.

@wallee394 RViz communicates with ROS by subscribing to different topics. You can control these subscriptions with the window pan on the left, by choosing the visualizations and changing what topic they’re subscribed to. Additionally, certain tools also publish once to a ros topic. Tools such as setting a goal or a current pose (buttons on the top window pane) publish the messages. In this way, RViz is a complete package. More advanced functions can use service and action calls as well, but these are still generally done by publishing to a topic which then triggers a service or action client that will echo the published message to the necessary server.

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