How to add a wall in the empty turtlebot world?

Hi all,
Thank you so much for your great help. Now I am trying to build my own ROSject and practice the machine learning course again from scratch. My question is the simulation in ROSjest doesn’t have a gazebo world with a wall for turtlebot2. May I please ask if you can update the simulation options for ROSjest or Could you pls tell me how I can add a wall myself?

My second question is I’ve noticed most of the course have been updated to ROS neotic. How do you think I can access the older version of ROS in 5 days course for kinetic? I prefer that version of the course.

Thanks a million. You are the legend

Hello @stevensu1838 ,

You can use our turtlebot public simulation for your rosject. If you run the main.launch from this repo, it will start the turtlebot Gazebo simulation with the wall world.

Also, it’s not possible to access the Kinetic version of the ROS Basics course anymore. In any case, everything is almost the same. Why do you prefer the Kinetic version better?