How to copy code from the notebook to the IDE

silly question but not letting me copy paste code into terminal. Tried control + C and the copy paste function normally used in windows plus edit tab/paste. keeps telling me “Please use the browser’s paste command or shortcut.” new to python

Hi @jimmylowe007,
The copy paste should work normal, just like pasting text in google etc. Make sure you disable all ad, cookie and javascript blockers on the academy, that can cause issues at times.

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Ok will try to disable ad blocks. Been dealing with this issue for over an hour to no resolve. Aggregated lol

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@jimmylowe007, please let us know how it goes :wink:

still getting the “use the browser’s paste command or shortcut” message showing up when trying to copy from notebook to python script? I have turned off ad block and kinda stuck

@bayodesegun, @jimmylowe007
copying from the terminal doesn’t work for me either, however pasting works, and copying from the notebook and IDE works too. Can you be a bit more specific what doesn’t work?

In the first python lesson it ask to copy/paste a line of code from the notebook to python terminal. Evertime i try it returns a “use browser paste format” but when i try it returns same message

What browser and OS are you using?

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Chrome/windows 10
Plus tried using work computer running chrome/ windows

  1. create new file in python terminal
  2. then copy content of “” into new file
    copying from notebook to python terminal does not work I keep recieving “please use browser paste command or shortcut” error. Tried various methods to complete this but nothing works
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Hi @jimmylowe007,

Sorry for all the trouble. I’m also using Windows and Chrome - could you try the following as it worked for me:

  • Click on the code area in the notebook and press Ctrl + A to select the code.
  • Press Ctrl + C to copy.
  • Go to the new file in the IDE, click on the first line, then press Ctrl + V to paste the text.

Please let’s know how it goes.