How to deploy a web gui on a local system?

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy a ROS Web Gui on a local system. I am have created a html page and javascript page based on the Developing web interface course. I want to know how to

  1. configure ros web server in local area network.
  2. How to make services from robot available for the web page
  3. how to make this system user friedly i.e not using terminal just everything works from browser ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Welcome to The RobotIgniteAcademy!

So did you finish the WebInterface course?
It should have answered most of your questions.
Is there anything lacking in the course that you think you need to obtain your goal?

I want to know how to assign a static ip to ros web server so that i can write a bash script to launch it automatically

The rosbridge_address command is not working on a local system

Screenshot from 2020-06-01 18-48-17